Latest News

23-Apr-2013: OPM continues to improve its finishing processes by adding an Ascott S120is Salt Spray Chamber to its inspection capabilities.
01-Mar-2013: OPM to participate at Aeromart Montreal 2013 April 22 & 23, 2013.
10-Aug-2012: Olympic Precision Machining to participate in the III Aeronautic Symposium at the Costa Rican Institute of Technology (ITCR).
27-Jan-2012: OPM expands its inspection capabilities with a Mitutoyo F805 CMM.
01-Dec-2011: Olympic Precision Machining is acquired by Grupo Mix Latinoamerica.
  • ISO 9001:2015

    Olympic Precision Machining is a leading contract manufacturer and supplier of precision CNC machining services to major OEMs and worldwide primary manufacturers in the aerospace, telecommunications and medical industries, among others.

    With extensive expertise in machining a wide variety of metals and plastics, and possessing leading technology equipment and innovative manufacturing processes, we provide the precision and quality that today’s industry demands.

    From forgings and aluminum castings to titanium, inconel and stainless steel alloys, we offer a wide range of manufacturing solutions and critical components done right.

    Strategically located in Costa Rica, Central America, our extensive line of CNC milling and turning centers and in-house plating and finishing services, provide the necessary capacity for high volume production of precision parts.

    We continue to increase the efficiency of our manufacturing practices to reduce operating expenses. This, combined with our short transit times and reduced freight costs, gives our customers a competitive advantage.

    Capable of developing prototypes in either Costa Rica or Maine at William Smith Enterprises – our jointly owned facility; we work closely with our customers to seamlessly deliver projects from the development phase to full scale production.