Our experience machining specialty alloys such as titanium, 300 series stainless steel, and cobalt, as well as acetal, ultem, and other plastics and ceramics, allow us to offer a variety of components utilized in the medical industry.

Surgical Tray Housing

From orthopedic instruments and implants to radiotherapy filter plates, we are capable of supplying custom, specialty, and production components with minimal delivery times to OEMs and medical manufacturing contractors alike.

Whether a machined component or a turn-key assembly; the quality of our medical products is always guaranteed due to the utilization of strict process controls, employment of highly qualified and trained personnel, and investment in state of the art manufacturing technologies.

The value of Costa Rica to us is as a cost effective location for levels of manufacturing one step beyond the shop floor.
John A. Engelhardt
Knowledge Ventures LLC
Bone Zone Sping 2009