Adapter Provides Savings

OPM’s oil filter adapter provides significant savings to renewable energy project operator.

Oil Filter Sensor Coupling 15/40CN


Providing a renewable energy project operator with a reduced cost solution for the maintenance of a wind farm’s hydraulic system. The hydraulic system’s oil filter sensor required replacement but the equipment manufacturer only offered a complete filter replacement for the required model. Replacing all oil filters on the wind farm would be too costly.


After listening to our customer’s requirements and observations, a machined adapter was designed by OPM that would enable the use of commercially available filter sensors maintaining the use of the existing oil filter body. The adapter was machined to the required tolerances though a combination of CNC milling and lathe operations.


OPM’s proposed oil filter adapter successfully enabled the replacement of the oil filter sensors without having to substitute all of the existing oil filter bodies. The alternative solution was achieved for 5% of the original cost, saving the farm approximately $50,000 US.